Need 42U rack or larger -- suggestions?


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Hi guys,

Expanding the studio interfaces so need a taller rack, at least 42U (about 80 inches tall, a bit more with casters). I'm looking at the StarTech rack on Amazon. The full name is: 42U 4 Post Open Frame Server Rack - Floor Standing Network Data Cabinet (4POSTRACK42)

It gets pretty good reviews but not very many so far (65). Anyone have a different idea?

Don't need security or cooling -- that's all set. It's holding gear that's not too heavy -- one amplifier that's a bit of a beast, but the rest is interfaces and power management boxes.




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Hi John!

Are you looking for something that "can do the job" or something more "polished and tailored"? I know someone doing on-demand racks and desks for composers in LA.



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I've reached the point where I only use Middle Atlantic. They are a bit more, but they have so many little features that make them easier to fab and maintain.


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Build your own. Buy the rail and get out a welder if putting into a metal cabinet or just bolt the rails to wood if it’s a wood base.


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Check eBay and sort by distance. People are desperate to get rid of them. Here's one in Sherman Oaks:

And here's one in Northridge with a UPS and a pull-out keyboard and mouse:

and one more in Torrance: