Need 10 Monitor Mixes in there a better way than this?

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  1. Synetos

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    Feb 1, 2016
    I decided to run my band live with DigiGrid interfaces (IOS & IOX), a powerful PC, and Cubase Pro 9.5.

    Bunch of reasons why I am trying this, but I wanted to run by the group how I am doing monitor mixes and see if anyone has a better solution.

    In a nutshell...I am do a pre-fader send to an unconnected output channel for each track.

    IOX Input channel 1 has a pre-fader send to an output channel called |::| IOX 01. The channel is not connected to any physical output

    I then created a folder track with 32 audio channels and assigned all those "virtual" output channels as the inputs. 20 of them are for each preamp, and I have 12 stereo buses for VST or effects...whatever I want to use them for.

    It basically looks like this: I have a Folder Track called MIX IEM 01
    I created audio channels with each virtual output channel as the input channel. In this case |01| IOX 01...etc

    I can now have a fader set for each stereo IEM mix, and I am not limited on how many IEM channel sets I want to create. In this case, I need 10 for the whole band.

    I tried the group channel route, but then I had to mess with each send amount. Because I was limited to 8 sends, I had to create 2 group channels just to be able to send to all 10 IEM mixes.

    Using my current method, I have faders for each element in the mix, and easy panning. Yes, it creates a lot of tracks, but I am setting up a filtering system so I can tab through them on a separate mixer screen. Still working on that.

    Does anyone have a better idea on how to get past the 4 CUE limit?
  2. OP

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    Feb 1, 2016
    I spent more time on this last night and ended up landing on using SENDS after all.

    I still route to my virtual outputs with prefader sends, but instead of using group tracks, I am using audio tracks.

    I created two fader sets of 32 channels. First set is for IEM 1-8 and the second set is for IEM 9-12.
    I then setup Mixer2 to just have channel set for IEM 1-8. I enabled the Picture, Notepad, Sends, and EQ Curve racks. I remapped F5 to open Mixer2 and F6 to open Mixer3. I setup mixer 3 to have IEM9-12.

    Now I have easy access to the monitor mixes, and I can still pan using the channel fader section, enough to create some space. Granted, it it the same for everyone in the band, but I just will pan it to match the stage layout.

    This is looking promising. In theory, I have unlimited monitor/cue options now. Maybe this will help someone else who was trying to figure out how to do this.

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