Native Instruments Keyboards & Pro Tools

Morning Coffee

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I'm looking at getting a midi controller/keyboard, mainly to use for Kontakt, so thought I might as well go for a Native Instruments brand keyboard. The 'A25' series are really affordable, but I have also looked at the 'S25' MK1 series on the second hand market because of all of the 'bells and whistles' it has, as well as having expression and sustain pedal inputs, plus regular midi I/O etc.

The Native Instruments website says that "KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards work with all DAWs that support VST/AU/AAX". However, from what I have read online, I get the sense that Pro Tools is not integrated as well as with other DAWs (nothing new there I suppose.). E.g some basic functions do not work well, such as transport controls (at least with the S MK1 series) .

So, does anyone know how much integration these keyboards have in Pro Tools, especially the newer, cheaper, 'A' series keyboards? What does and does not work, transport control, panning, faders, plugin control?