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Can’t wait to see more Twitter pics after Trump wins in November.
Liberals will have plenty of time for creativity binges, as long as they get over the Trauma faster than last time.

It was like 3 years of crying fake news, whiny late night comedians with damaged writers, etc.

Glad to see y’all found your sense of humor finally.


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Just think how much good material we’d have now if the Trauma from defeat was short lived as in every other election.
Just shows you how influential Foreign Billionaire owned Liberal media is on it’s voters.


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The most influential media in both the US and UK is Murdoch and he's nothing close to liberal.

The trauma of rep defeat was long lasting and led to the tea party movement, birther movement, and a huge swing to the right by previously liberal leaning voters. Remember when the right we're apoplectic over tan suits or anything Michelle wore that they could complain about?

Let's not even get into the idiotic ideas that were spawned around universal health care, a right which every other rich nation takes for granted.

The trauma the right suffered led directly to electing the idiotic Trump: Compulsive liar, illiterate, thin skinned, childish leader of the free world. A joke to all but the most stubborn, and a rallying cry to actual Nazis.


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Right on.
Glad to suck in new googlers to a music forum.

I don’t remember any right Trauma because I don’t know any Nazis other than ones I read about in history books, or the ones Liberals see in their Soup.

I think they teach this in Free shitty schools somewhere.
I hope you can return to your classes in September.
If not, don’t let schooling get in the way of a good education.

Independents like me are exposing the girly men and whackos of the right.

Simply point out the fragility the more delicate flowers in our garden have, and voila. Now we get the boring predictable response that helps expose why our God King Trump is such a success story and will go down in history as the man who beat lying liberal leakers, China’s Government and the Supreme Spinach Chin of Iran. 3 of America’s biggest enemies.

The right and left are history, except in Liberal neighborhoods and shooting ranges in rural America.

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And your guy had 3 wives and openly brags about assaulting women. But NOW you are outraged? Now suddenly you are the morality police, when your Lord paid to bang a pornstar and cover it up? Please, you lost the whole “family values morality” bullshit the day you elected a dude who openly mocks disabled folks.
Here is another one for you.



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FWIW I voted for Hillary.

I thought Trump was talked into destroying Rubio (Liberals fear GOP Hispanics) and then tried to lose after winning the primary because he said the stupidest shit, and yes banged hoes, etc.

Its what the cry baby Liberals did after he won that made me start liking our God King Trump.

Then I started seeing prosperity everywhere, no more crowds of unemployed in the Hood by the Liquor stores, well, at least until the evening hours.

Then watching these lying, leaking losers go after Kavanaugh with fake rape charges by Presidential hopeful, Avanetti....(lying thieving cock sucker)

I would rather have a guy with flaws he admits, fighting for me than, cowards, rats and wealthy weasal-y liberals losing for me any day.

Look forward to their faces as States turn Red, and cryin‘ Rachel MadCow breaks down with another “It’s the end of Earth” skit....

And does anyone really think Joe Bidens polls are worth a jar of piss?
The same stupid fucks said Hillary was 40 points ahead.

We can’t have losers and such shitty liars as leaders.
The God King stays and conquers cowards by the hundreds.....

Happy Memorial Weekend.
Im going swimming in my new HASMAT suit.....
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At first I thought this was funny but it's actually sad that a POTUS has to be told regarding inappropriately glorifying violence and trying to act like Il Douche.



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Making money from the Impeachment Witnesses who are the Arbiters of truth now @ Twitter. I love these whack job lefties.

Smaller area off the main floor of the trading area at NYSE called the Garage.
Higher risk, higher pay. But who couldn’t predict the lefty freaks moral reactions to the God Kings Tweets.

Riots will end up being good for the economy. Businesses who had no certainty on their future in locked down areas will be rescued by big insurance pay offs.
Expect many more fires as businesses start receiving pay offs.

I bet Casino owners wished lefties would come burn them down.
Stanley Ho died 2 days ago so Macau will be in turmoil for a few months.

Lots of great opportunities as the world starts to recover from the Chinese pandemic.

Liberals rooting for China is also a variable easy to predict.
With any luck Liberals keep the House, the Senate stays with Trump and he gets 4 more years of fake investigations, fake rapes, and fake impeachments.
Best fundraiser they ever had, don’t see the wealthy liberals giving up that cash cow.
And we all know what the outcome will be.


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Some pretty good fake news from “sealed” documents.
Trump likes 12 year old boys.
Now that I know that I’m voting for Biden.


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#Bunkerbitch is trending on Twitter after reports POTUS is hiding in the White House bunker - that's real leadership! Funny how he's making America great again.


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MAGA night at the White House

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Looting Liberals won’t succeed breaking into the WH. Only Liberal to ever loot it was Hillary. She stole Eleanor Roosevelt’s China and Silverware, but was forced to return it and instead started a Foundation for kittens, puppies & children.

I asks myself, do I want the party of crime, cowards and liars in the WH or Trump? The God King Trump Hands down...

Yo James Kony, I don’t read fake news, my time is valuable. If it’s published, I’ll even buy it. Surely you know free shit is worthless. These clowns lead you around since 2015 lying, crying and bleeding all over you, yet you still think a link from shit you feed your head will get me to waste my time? No way Jose.

Theres many Sheep here more than glad to act all informed and shit who’ll read it and concur.
Publish it and I’ll read it. Then Lying Liberals can be sued.

Haven’t you learned anything about Liberals? Lie your ass off on fake news, then behind closed doors under oath reveal there’s no Russian collusion, and then rat out somebody else because cowardice is a liberal trait.

Americans will never vote losers, liars, looters and leakers into power.
You’ll see in November.

I just pray we keep a Liberal Congress. I don’t trust Trump with a super majority. I saw what Obama did with one, we don’t need our intelligence agencies spying on us instead of our enemies.

4 L‘s now.
Looting, Lying, Leaking Loser Liberals. (Don’t count the 5th)


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Haven’t you learned anything about Liberals? Lie your ass off
Oh I agree 100% - the thing is, all politicians lie and I know you know that so your points about liars are redundant. Keep bringing up liars as it shows desperation to find something to pick a bone with, like clutching at straws. As all politicians lie, the problem becomes choosing the least offensive liars - in this case, that ain't #BunkerBoy and co.

yet you still think a link from shit you feed your head will get me to waste my time?
You just did, because your reaction to a Guardian link is predictable. ;)