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Imho, Clinton and the DNC are in no small way responsible for Trump being elected. I mean first there was the DNC with what they did to Bernie in 2016 and now this unfounded accusation about Tulsi Gabbard being a Russian operative. I can only hope the accusation backfires and creates more screen time for Gabbard who from what I have seen is somewhat impressive under attack.

Or, perhaps Clinton is actually a Trump operative.... if we're going to throw accusations me it is more plausible than her accusation.


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Exhibit A:
I felt sorry for her after Trump smoked her in 2016.
But then she kept yapping away, basically prooving to voters they were wise NOT to elect her dumb ass.

Liberals all love to talk about how smart and wise she is.
Ive yet to see any proof of that.

Only smart thing she ever did was take the Saudi money and along with that came Uma Abedin. Who actually is smart.
She kept HRC from speaking which was brilliant.

As we can see when she speaks people just shake their heads wondering what shes ever done besides ruin the lives of the women Bill fucked because she wasnt doing it for him anymore.
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She is so acedemically smart she is stupid.
And the whole “watch me Im over 70 and can run” 15 steps to the microphone is just so liberally rehearsed by the appearance consultants.

To be honest though us Americans have it made.
These are incredible options.

If Trump wins we continue making tons of cash and record revenues flow into the Treasury instead of wealthy white Liberal pockets ( the investors).
If Madam Cherokee wins I can just work on the weekends since everything will be free.

I just dont see how anyone can be upset.
plus we finally got rid of the money laundering Clintons and those fake foundations where kittens, puppies and children were saved.

But it seems they took the money and closed it down?
Does this mean they're killing puppies, kittens and children now?



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Love these fake impeachment hearings.

Ukraine says we were never pressured about the 1.2 Billion Trumps admin gave to Ukraine in September.
Trump (reality TV Star) spoke with Zelensky (comdeian) and the transcript corroborates what Ukrainian officials say.

Lying Liberal losers say everyone except Adam Schiff is lying.

They'll never get through the Senate, everybody knows this, they’ll never sway Trumps base, just like Evangelicals wont convince me the Arc Of The Covenant is buried under a Mosque in Jerusalem.

So coming time to vote the people like me (independents) will say what have these wealthy Liberals done since 2018? Not a fucking thing except sell impeachment hearings which only increased Trumps War Chest to 300,000,000 bucks..!!! In return their investors are angry, they paid for an impeachment, not some fake lame Mueller Investigation part duex.

We were just going to let Trump win again like we did with Obama. But we fired the GOP in 2018 because they achieved nothing.
Guess we will just give the house back to working families and middle class representatives instead of these wealthy lying loser liberals.

If I were them Id keep fundraising too, may as well make as much as you can before you get kicked out.
If they were smart they got their unemployable children jobs for big bucks like Clinton, Biden, Kerry did.
Obama was the smartest by getting his daughter into Hollywood.
It seems him and Former 1st Lady are big producers now and soon to be stars.
Even if their daughter was forced to do her internship at Harvey Weinsteins.

After seeing that kind of judgement, it sure explains the failures in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya.

Impeach 45, do it now, lots of people who paid for this are angry.
You need their money to run against Trump, then again, Bidens kid got 1.5 billion from China, seems Liberals are partnered up with Iran, China, Venezuala, Russia and all of Americas enemies.

Better hit them up for cash.


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No matter who you support, it surely must feel good to know that no one is above the law...
Looks like one bit of the swamp got drained

Donald Trump fined $2m for misusing charity for political ends