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She does far more than just disagree.

Please explain why it’s racist to tell someone to return to where they were rescued from?

I understand it’s vile, and un presidential but you don’t like it, so therefore it’s racist?

It’s these uses of fake racism that completely nullify the real definition of the word and gives cover to the real racists like the Congresswomen's Spiritual advisor and Jew hater Farakhan or the fake Nazis.

As a browned skinned racist I can assure you people of color see these uses of the word weak. And anyone who back tracks after being called a racist is equally weak.
First off the use of the word was fake, so responding to this false scenario shows cowardice.

It’s why I could never vote for such people.
Their voice is important to have in politics as we need more views to form better opinions.
But these types of people are better suited in low level committee positions, not capable of leadership
It's a textbook phrase for racists. It implies that a person isn't really an American and is defined by where they came from. I mean when I was younger I remember racist kids saying stuff like "go back to Africa" about blacks. I'm 43, so this is nothing new.

Trump always appeals to the lowest common denominator because it works for him and frankly, I doubt he could have a serious argument with a reasonably intelligent opponent and win. No way.

He continues to find ways to surprise and disgust me. Actually I can't believe he said that. But, it riled up some of his fans so mission accomplished I guess.


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I'm fine with Trump's non racist statement. It never would have made the news cycle if he said that about a Swedish immigrant.

However, he's an idiot for stepping in the Dem's doggy doo doo. If he could just shut up for a week, the news cycle would be 100% Democrat cat fighting. But he couldn't resist stepping in it and making it all about him.

Then again, usually when he does something appalling his approval ratings somehow go up. But it's annoying when he throws the media a soft ball.


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I never read the text book, I work and live in the real world where this politically correct shit doesn’t exist. This is only for FakeBook and Liberals who change the definition every year because of some guilt they had.
Maybe their ancestors owned slaves, mine didn’t.
Mi Famiglia never crossed a border, it crossed us.
My Mexican relatives have been here so long they’ve got blue eyes, and I’m paying for my in-laws immigration attorney even though she married my youngest.

These politicians are fuckheads. They promise reform and then never deliver, now they claim it’s a manufactured crisis, then they go down there and blame Trump for the same shit they failed to deliver on.

FWIW the attorney is necessary or she gets to hang out in Cuidad Juarez for a short stay until Mexico clears her.

To me the real racists are those who call others racist and seek the moral higher ground on these manufactured events Liberals refuse to fix when they hold the power. People are dying fording the unusually high waters of the Rio Grande.

I’d like to take everyone of these cock suckers to Nuevo Laredo, drop them off with a canteen, and make them swim back.

Otherwise, shut your fucking mouth and man a post like Border Patrol Agents do.

And yes, as brown skinned racist I consider it a badge of honor if these harsh words traumatize the more delicate flowers in our garden.

I do enjoy mixed race privileges though.
When asked if I’m Italian, yes, if asked if I’m South American or Hispanic, and yes I can be white with a tan all summer at the Alpine lakes in search of racists.
When firewood refuses to light at night when we camp that’s racist firewood.
If I was white it would light quicker.
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See all the bad shit that happens when Liberals say there’s a manufactured crisis on the border...:dancedance:

What I don’t get is why would you even take that route when you know it’s a facility for checking Trucks which unfortunately carry illegal immigrants so they’ve got a large detention center there.

Everybody that lives near McAllen knows about the TCP Multi lane checkpoints in Texas. Maybe he wanted to see his brother deported?

These TCPs were part of NAFTA Agreement allowing Trucks to be inspected inland instead of clogging the border.

They thought this was somebody using his ID probably because anyone, especially an American Mexican, whose grandparents or parents worked those ranches or works on the Oil Rigs knows you can drive around them, they’re meant for trucks coming from Mexico.
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