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    May 14, 2007
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    That’s right, Robert Reich was key in cutting military costs.
    We didn’t shrink the military, but base closures and other non essential costs were cut. Which was billions.
    Also Gingrich and Clinton reformed Welfare and raised taxes on entitlements.
    More billions.
    Do the right things at the right times.

    Corporate profits will go wherever they get the best treatment.
    Shareholders are making money because that’s their investment.
    The question is do you want these evil entities here in America employing Americans or over in Ireland or tax free Southern China?

    I thought Globalists and open borders were the good guys?
    Only during campaigns and when they buy politicians.
    Frankly I despised all involved in NAFTA and years later I learned why my pops retired early, Steel Trade and our jobs were given to Japan.

    And people wonder why guys like Trump are popular?
    What these politicians did to their own citizens so Japanese and Mexicans could prosper was what created Bernie and Trump.

    Imagine finally re educating yourself with another trade back then, now suddenly your manufacturing plant moves to China.

    Again Trump and Bernie types are going to continue winning elections because Politicians are either stupid or complicit, or both.
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    Jul 24, 2008
    Craig-essentially I agree with your assessment of capitalism and corporations, which is why I vehemently disagree with one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever-Citizens United. Corporations are not people. They are entities designed to make money for the shareholders, their board members and their executives. They try, as you said, to keep labor costs as low as possible in their quest for net profits.

    One of the equalizers for the rights of workers was the union movement. It established wage negotiation where there had been none before, safety standards where there had been none before, etc. However, over time oligarchs with large stakes in public corporations (and some private owners of private corporations) have managed to change the narrative and get people to focus on the corrupt aspects of unions rather than their pro-worker benefits. While there certainly has been corruption , workers have voted against there own interests in supporting anti-union, pro business candidates. As a result, wages are stagnant and more and more jobs are filled by lowly paid, desperate people.
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  3. Craig Duke

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    Dec 12, 2004
    Yes, the ruling was devastating for democracy and made a bad problem worse. To my mind, large campaign contributions are the primary driver of corruption in our government. You can see it's results, for example, in the tax code with the tens of thousands of special breaks for corporations. Lose money last year? The gov will subside that loss for you on your income tax. Is the building you bought worth less than it was last year? The tax code allows you to write off the loss. And we call this capitalism?

    The big unions are problematic in many respects but unions did help create the middle class and are the only way most of these workers will see consistent meaningful wage increases. I've thought what you mention for years, that these workers keep voting against their own interests. There is a natural battle between upper management and workers. These workers have ceded the fight to their employers. Are they still hoping for trickle down from the "job creators"? They should be voting for people who want to help retrain them for the new economy not people who want to bust their unions and see coal and steel as the future.
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    May 14, 2007
    Between 120-150bpm
    Best analytic perception I’ve seen about this.
    As a Union Tradesmen I can attest that we’re angry about our membership dues going to candidates who we don’t like. Basically Union members despise money in politics, because we’ve seen first hand what campaign money does in our Union Delegates and Voting.
    Citizens United was a direct response to corrupt Public and Private Unions involved in political campaigns who expect legislation in return.
    First off, the concept of ROI is never realized, but the money disappears into the dark shadows of organizing, and once the election is over, that’s it.
    Union wages stagnated from illegal immigration, yet the people we were purchasing want open borders and cheap labor. So you can’t understand the frustrations members have.
    Teachers Unions have given billions over the years to Politicians, last time I checked 80,000,000 just in 2014. This money is tax payer money that is suppose to pay for education, not Union Bosses with dozens of staffers, Limos and Golf.
    Citizens and Union Members are angry about politics, so if they’re voting against what’s “best” for them is because for decades they bought these politicians, and got nothing in return. Trump and Bernie seemed to be viable options.
    Citizens United is fair legislation once you consider the Corrupt Unions monopoly on buying Liberals.
    FWIW, the first time we ever got a big favor for funding Liberals was during Obama’s tenure.
    We were exempt from Romney/ObamaCare thankfully, as well as most of Nancy Pelosi friends in Marin County. Besides select Unions, her district had the most exemptions, so at least for decades of lining Liberals pockets we got a little ROI.

    If we are to have an honest government, money must be removed, and then federally funded because candidates must meet and greet, and social media is so phony this must be personal. Every candidate receive the same amount of money.
    If you mis spend your money it’s your fault, plus we the voters can already see your bad judgement.

    Corruption in small amounts is the grease that keeps the wheels going.
    But spending billions to get to Washington pretty much tells voters who gets paid back first.
    People wonder why we have Sharia Liberals, Bernie, Trump, etc.
    Supporting them means your stupid or a racist, etc.

    Well I guess we must be to try and end this corruption.
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    May 14, 2007
    Between 120-150bpm
    And in the 1950s accidental deaths were spiraling down because workers wages were so good they could refuse to work for companies with bad safety records.
    Also lawsuits persuaded corporations and companies to self regulate.
    OSHA came in the 60s long after the private sector success with safety took hold.

    OSHA Inspectors green lighted BP Oil rigs in the Gulf, where were they when the 11 workers died from inspected underwater concrete seals?

    On my jobs we simply leased a trailer with 3 air conditioners for OSHA Inspectors.
    We pour concrete at midnight, they’re suppose to inspect the Muds integrity by checking cylinders right from the pumps before they shoot up 60+ stories, and inspect the Steel Mats and decking BEFORE the pour, then sign off.
    They come staggering in at 900am somebody hands them a pice of paper they sign it, that’s it. It’s a fucking joke.

    There’s big shake down money in safety. I’ve got OSHA 1/2/10/20 I’ve been to the stupidest damn safety meetings you can possibly dream of, they’re so federally fucked up and gooey it could gag a maggot.

    Just one more example of this massive expensive unnecessary goat fuck. I built gigantic pipelines from Lake Mead (Saddle Island) to Las Vegas. ( water level dropped 80 feet so the pipes don’t work, more intelligent geniuses at work in Washington)
    I had to attend not only daily safety meetings in English which no Carpenter understood because they speak Espanol, but three multi hour OSHA meetings with Films and visiting Marine Biologists with dummy “Desert Tortuises” which over 3 years nobody ever saw.
    We learned that picking up a turtle traumatizes it. OMG, even Turtle now need safe spaces, hey they could simply put the people picking them up on fake ignore and avoid the trauma.

    Long story short all of this nonsense to learn we do nothing but observe the reptile and call a Marine Biologist in the Desert wasteland of Las Vegas.

    Sorry if “safety” gets under my skin.
    It’s like the Civil Rights Industry, you can’t say we have civil rights now or thousands of people are out of a job.
    Lots of money in these 2 industries. There will never be “safety” on a job site or Successful “Civil Rights” as it would be a job killer.

    Thankfully Eric Holder and Obama brought back racism or Sharpton Farakhan and many Employed in the Civil Rights Industry would be out of work.
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