My return to action music production (BT Phobos+MAP+Ethera Gold).

Hi everyone,
after a period in which I focused more on the production of orchestral music, today the inspiration to produce action music is back.
As I often do when the inspiration is missing (we talked about it in another thread), I randomly selected presets from some libraries, and from them I developed the song.
The starting presets were taken from BT Phobos - MAP - Ethera Gold, and the melodic part was developed with the Spitfire Hans Zimmer Strings violins and with hybrid strings and brass by NOVO Essential and FORZO.
The initial idea was to create an action score (in the instrumental version), but later I opted for a full version adding the True Legato - Epic Vocal by Ethera Gold, for a full version also suitable for trailers.
Good listening.