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Greetings to the membership. I happened across this forum as I was searching for the solution to an issue in my studio. I am looking for a way to automate Native Instrument FX patch changes hosted within a VEP7 server. This led me to one of your forums. I have a three computer setup that host two instances of Digital Performer and VEP7. My setup is designed both for recording and as a breakaway performance rig. I primarily play keyboard instruments, but also guitar, percussion and I am a vocalist. I learned synthesis on an Arp Odyssey back in the mid 1970s, and have been working in MIDI since its inception. I have two jazz degrees from the University of North Texas and I have been on faculty teaching university classes in music technology at Texas A&M in Corpus Christ. I suppose sharing a link to my music would be a good introduction, and I will also throw in a studio pic which is in performance mode. In any case, I have things to share and also hope to learn from fellow musicians.

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