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My extremely cost efficient slave build.


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Posting this for criticism on why this won't work from someone who may know more than I do.
Also posting to give light on this underground used server part market that I didn't know existed.

468 us dollars:
32 thread 1600 benchmark
128gb of slow ram (doesn't matter all that much)
The price of an i7 + heatsink and cheaper than projected ryzen prices... and I'm just talking cpus.

Cons: refurbished, but natex has great reviews and great customer service according to server forums I have been digging up

Very finnicky, no usb3, bios gives problems to users. -the most common problem I am seeing is usb3 setup troubles through pcie ... it seems to just not work for a lot of people.
-I will be running my ssds through sata and don't think I will need usb3

Heatsinks not included, + 50usd

+100 usd for power supply - Natex gives recommendations

Will be hard to find a case I think, as this is a weird board.

--- note it does have onboard graphics if you did want to run a monitor.

My question to you is: would there be any reason I should not take this deal? e.g. server memory less efficient for samples or something else I don't know about.

Thanks for reading.


I've been thinking a dual-CPU motherboard is a good idea as well. I think you'll get much better performance from that than a single 6700k. But which CPUs specifically will fit into it?

Build your own case :)
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