My Engine Libraries Won't Load after Windows Update


Reid Rosefelt
I stupidly did a Windows Update and now I can't load any of my Tarilonte libraries in Engine.

If the box came up that asked me to re-register the libraries I would know what to do.

Instead there is a "file not found" box
Could not find the file scoring stage stereo wav.
in image file Origami LE Content Vol 1

And then there's a bunch of buttons below this like "Ignore All," "Ignore," "Retry," etc.

I've written to Best Service, but do any of you have advice?



Senior Member
Hi Tiger,

I had the same issue, if I remember well you must click something like "cancel" "close" on that "file not found" box, then the "re-register" box should open and you have to do the registering process again for any lib.