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My Christmas Wish List for this year -- whats yours


Rod Wilson
1) Solo Violin
- Embertone - Joshua Bell Violin
- Virharmonics - Bohemian Violin

2) Interesting Female Solo Voice Samples
- Ethera Soundscapes 2.0
- Heavyocity Vocalize 2

3) Interesting Bells Samples
- Sonokinetic - Toll Bells
- Suggestions
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Hollywood choir. Regardless of what most people think of its negativity, it’s sonic quality choir recording and ability to create words or phrases (this is So far the best for a sample library) are just superb.


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One of those cheap electric violins. I'm a guitarist, so I've been interested in trying to learn to play the violin. And if it turns out I don't have the time or patience, I figure I can use it to make screechy sound design noises :)


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Spitfire - Symphonic Woodwinds
Spitfire - Hans Zimmer Percussion
Threebodytech - Heavier7Strings
Cinesamples - Harps
Performance Samples - Oceania


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Bohemian Violin
Premier Acoustic Bass II
Cinematic Studio Brass (I have high hopes on this one!!)
Metroplois Ark 2

Merry Christmas u all:)


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So many fantastic instruments. I'll choose some of:
Spitfire - Symphonic Orchestra and Hans Zimmer Percussion
Fluffy Audio - Dominus
8Dio - Insolidus and Studio Sopranos
Laboratory Audio - Strikeforce

It definitely depends on if there are any "no brainer" last minute deals.


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Need more time to use the stuff I have. And jobs that demand some of the stuff I like.
hmm I like that one! Sometimes jobs can be rather limiting towards your musical preferences! But work's work - and often times it's fun to try new musical stylings!!


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Stuff I bought

Ark 3
Albion One
Frozen Plain Obelisk
A new computer I7 8700K, 32 gb, 2 - 1 tb ssd
Upgrade Cubase to 9.5n

Stuff I want

Straight Ahead Jazz Horns
Indiginus Blue Street Brass
Swing More
More SS hard drives
Some talent
World Peace
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