MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?


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I've been listening to Joe Hisaishi's soundtrack for Princess Mononoke. Damn this guys writes beautiful melodies. I've been playing games from Japanese studios recently, so Japanese composers have been my main source of music lately. It's interesting how different it sounds...


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By the way, Spotify recently added a lot of his albums which were not available before (at least to Europeans)
Awesome. Some titles are still missing from the originals. For example I did not find this title that I like (voice and orchestration) in the soundtrack of porco rosso :


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Been watching The Handmaid's Tale during the Coronavirus lockdown and at the end of season 3 episode 11, an interesting song was brought in to support the climactic conclusion. It seemed familiar but I couldn't quite place it. They let the entire song play out and as I listened to the two parts (A & B) I kept thinking this is probably Kate Bush. Went to Google and sure enough it was Kate Bush's Cloudbusting. A somewhat quirky yet simple theme but so powerful married to that ending scene. I can't imaging a better choice and they let it play in its entirety. Whoever picked that song, give that person a raise!


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Last friday I was supposed to go see a performance of my favourite piece of music. Because of COVID19, it was cancelled.

I'm sure it would've been magistral experiencing it in person.
Beautiful work, one of my favorites too. I saw it live some 10 years ago (a cycle of all the symphonies and the concerto) here and loved it.


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Can’t believe Synthpunk is gone... yet his thread survives! (Even though, again, this is NOT a music appreciation thread. ;) )
Hey dude! Just found this comment in this thread. This may be kind of offtopic or not -
but I haven't heard from him in about since late April 2018 - I emailed him couple times during the summer (since we had regular email contact and were sharing music and memories!) and then I remember the hurricanes were blasting on the coasts and I knew he was about to move to S.C...
Emailed him couple times, they got through but I didn't get any replies. When I texted Merry Christmas to him and just wanted to see how it was going I got an email-error message from gmail saying that the email wasn't used anymore/couldn't find .

Also emailed the admins of VI because I was worried, didn't hear anything. Then I had some personal stuff going on in the meantime so I forgot the whole thing. But yeah ... I really don't hope he's gone Gone.

Best! Daveman

oh yeah, and I'm still listening to The Midnight and all those 80s music. But I recently discovered Electric Gems youtube page and especially This song has some amazing harmonies :
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