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MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?


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Sometimes pop songs get it right. Sonic perfection here.
To be honest, to me it's not pop, rather some soft jazz or something. I used to listen to Steely Dan back in 1980/82 and a few years later stopped and went back to my 1st loves - synths,mostly and some "real" pop.
Something along the lines of MrBlue Sky from ELO would be what I'ld call "pop".
Back then, this Gaucho album has been played extensively on my turntable, and then The Nightfly. I was not 19, rather 17 ;)
Awesome stuff, thanx !


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I made the mistake of reading through the politics/drama sections of the forum.

Now fighting the urge to put my head through a window by listening to this.



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Silent Hill has been haunting me for a long time now. Especially those two tracks have something really atmospheric to them and bring something extra to the game:
And than there is of cause this classic from the first one
Saw this production on whim and can't stop listening to the soundtrack. Modular synth and demonic pop, its so good!!!

Recently got into Jonathon Harvey:

And busy re-obsessing over all things Gojira:
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