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That choir is a big time-sink. With just about anything else I am working on, during a pause I'll kick over and play it through EWC just for the thrill of having that choir at my beck and call. Huge waste of time. You surely cannot afford the distraction and I advise against this purchase.

Bill the Lesser

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That piece is quite beautiful, possibly the best use of EWC I've heard so far.

I've noticed an assumption developing in some circles that it is almost effortless to create this sort of work with EWC. But in fact the opposite is true because this genre is off to the side of "normal" composition techniques, and way off to the side of common choral techniques.

You need to simultaneously develop an aesthetic for it while also learning how to use the undeniably "unique" and randomly modulating patches, that's a lot of work. I'm sure this piece took much consideration and testing and a lot of nudging bars-long notes back and forth on the piano roll. I don't think it was easy. If you're not already out toward the edge or choral possibility, EWC will force you go there. When things calm down for me this spring, I plan to spend some time with this instrument, there's something there, IMHO.

Rasmus Hartvig

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I don't listen much to pop/rock these days, but this is just harmonically brilliant. Just getting started with R Stevie Moore, but have already found a bunch of gems.


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I recently discovered Grover Washington Jr. I'm fascinated by his song Knucklehead, the arrangement, everything, maybe more as a producer... In other words, I don't think the song blows me away, but I find the whole (including the time in which it was released originally) very compelling.
I feel like there's so much talent out there that we'll never know about. Ars longa...


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It's so interesting to hear the strings playing exposed like this, instead of the final version we all know. What a beautiful viola part. It's all beautiful.

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