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MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?


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Just listening to some of John Oswald's compositions after Mr. Money was talking about scoring Thus Spake Zarathustra. I tripped on this Oswald new newish remix of BAD (DAB)!

And here is Oswald's z24 (thus spake Z...)


C.R. Rivera

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I was getting nostalgic. This has a special place in my heart. They opened up for Lynyrd in Columbus GA on 24 May 1977 just before I began my naval career. I remember sitting on my bed with headphones and the volume turned way up. I managed to get a spot just in front of the bands, close enough to get sweat on me from CDB and LS. This has Taz on piano (RIP) and Tom Crain (RIP), with very great guitar work from Charlie and Tom. No virtual instruments, just a bunch of hard working and hard partying players. Hard to believe Charlie is 82 and still boot-scooting. For the younger folks, yes, CDB was one a southern rock band of note. :)

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