Music for 1950's B-movie stage production


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So I'm writing music for a stage production for the first time ever, which is pretty fun. The production is "Attack Of The Giant Leeches". The film was pretty craptastic first time around and the stage play promises no different, only it'll be funny. Genuinely funny, and because it wants to be, not just because it's terrible.

This is not like any music I've written before, so I'm having a great time screwing with the orchestra. The music plays it pretty straight, and rather over the top! It seemed idiomatic for a B-movie remake. Whilst I am going for idiomatic, I'm not going exactly for authentic. With only a week and a half to do all of the writing and production I really couldn't spend the time doing the research necessary for actual authenticity.

I would really appreciate feedback on the production of these tracks- they're both in the same template but showcasing slightly different sides. I really can't go back into actually composing these cues, what's done is done there, but am entirely ready to make changes in the production based on the feedback of you good people.

The scene in question here is the hero battling with the leeches at the end of the play. It's in parts because they're framing it like a fight with bouts; first round the hero taps out, second the leech taps out, you get the picture. There's three bouts in total. The idea is for the tension to raise with each bout, heightening the comedy of the pauses inbetween.

Greatly looking forward to hearing what you all have to say!