Multiple DAW with VEP6


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Hi VI-Controllers,

I've got a question about if you want to use multiple DAWs with VEP. So I'm using Logic and Cubase. But then there's the big debate on where Logic works better with single instances in VEP, while Cubase works better with less Instances and in some cases even just one big instance.

So what's the best bet if I'm working between Cubase and Logic and I want to build up a template that is shared between them?


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I would wait until VSL finalized the AU v3 spec for VEP. Paul stated they hope to have it working by end of 2017. that should allow you to build multiport VEP setups exactly as you do when working with VST3 hosts. If it will be an efficient way working in logic is something we'll have to see.


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Yeah thats true. Cant wait for AU v3. That will be a game changer. Guess for now will have one template for Logic and one for Cubase