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  1. @reddognoyz
    Depending on what you are doing, this script can create an awful lot of midi data at exactly the same moment; sometimes the scripting of the original instrument can cause issues. My only suggestion would be to humanise (stagger delay) the incoming/outgoing data slightly (i.e. by ms) so that things are not missed because of a backup of midi data.
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    I think that's exactly whats going on, especially with the Sample Modeling instruments that generate so much cc data all the time. Is there a way to do that within your script? I'm sure I can in my DAW if not.
    What's odd to me is it's usually a single note that becomes the issue and that clears as soon as I toggle the script. Yester day it was an E3 and it just kept triggering and sticking no matter what other notes I played. Go figure...
  3. @reddognoyz

    I have attached a midi note delay script in the OT; try it before or after the Divisi script to see if it helps.
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    Thanks!! where can I find that delay script?
  5. reddognoyz

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    Found it!!
  6. v6.23 update in opening post. Done some more work on Voice Leading which allows you to (consistently) retain the upper or lower voice in certain scenarios. In all other situations logical Voice Leading will apply (usually the nearest voice).

    At 90 downloads of v6.21 it's clearly something that people have found useful so I'll continue to develop when time allows.

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    (No hijacking of topice intended: I also happen to send (not from Kontakt) a ton of exactly simultaneous notes to a physical MIDI OUT and encounter similar issues as described above using Cubase Pro. Do you by chance know of a midi plugin that would do exactly what the Kontakt midi note delay script does? It would be sooooo very helpful!!)
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    Mar 10, 2018
    Script just installed.

    Great !!!

    Thanks a lot
  10. Well almost reached 100 downloads! This bump might push it over the edge!
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    To be honest I'm pretty surprised its not a LOT more than 100 - this is a very useful script.
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    Mar 10, 2018
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  13. Dex

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    Nov 21, 2017
    This script is incredible! I was thinking about writing a script like this the other day and today I saw that it's already been done. Amazing!

    The only problem is that it only seems to work right for Kontakt instruments. I'm using REAPER and I tried to use it with non-Kontakt instruments by selecting "Send MIDI to outside world: Script generated CC's and notes" in Kontakt and then routing the Kontakt midi output to different tracks with different instruments on them. I can't tell for sure, but it seems like one problem is that Kontakt is sending out note on's that should be note off's.
  14. @Dex, try the midi monitor in Kontakt, before and after the instrument to see what is causing the issue. I know a couple of other users have tried the same as you (perhaps search this thread), however it is not something I do or have any experience of.

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    Wow ScoringFilm, this is amazing. Instantly upgrades all my legato-capable libraries into divisi-capable ensembles. Occasional hung note but nothing compared to the benefits.

    Start a Patreon for this thing. It's a real public service.

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