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Multi articulation patch in EastWest Play. How to manage with BRSO Articulate


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I would like to create my own patches (with multiple articulations) with Hollywood Strings.
I would like to do that with Spitfire String libraries as well.

Is it possible to control a Multiinstrument created in Play with an only BRSO Articulate instance?

-When I add the articulations, like next:
• 1st Violins 3 NV NV VB MV RR Ni
• 2nd Violins 3 NV NV VB MV RR Ni
• 1st Violins Rep Runs Script
• 2nd Violins Rep Runs Script
• 1st Violins Spic RRx9
• 2nd Violins Spic RRx9

There are two menus in Play:
• Multi, MPE, Omni, 1,2,....
• Main L/R ,.....
Which options do I have to choose in each case?
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