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Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

Michel Simons

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It's not intuitive, seems like a beta project..sounds are just not that inspiring and usable and they seem to have abandoned it..similar to Hexeract which is equally underwhelming..

Thanks for the info. It has been on my wishlist for ages, but comments like these have kept me from buying it. In theory it should be my cup of tea, but I guess I have read too many critical comments.


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Spitfire Epic Brass. Thought the string version was ok (especially for the price) but the brass version has a couple of notes that are way out of tune in the decay. I have been in toch with support and although very friendly, there isn’t a fix (so that’s 4 months since reporting it). I get that it’s a very cheap taster, but to me it reflects poorly on the brand. If you compare that to say Audio Imperia Nucleus Lite, then Nucleus definitely has the upper hand there especially with the brass.
That brass has had tuning issues since it was released many years ago in Albion 1 (legacy). That library went through many updates over the years with no fix, so it's no surprise to me that it's still an issue.
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