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Most Disappointing Library Purchase?


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I think lack of manual reading is the culprit most of the time (and then mostly newbies whom expected a library to make music for them).

my top 2 votes for most revealing manuals:

Orchestral Tools Capsule User Guide


East West Hollywood Orchestra Diamond and Play Manuals



i love manuals.

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Erick - BVA

Music is more than just color and rhythm

Maybe I'm some kind of masochist, but I don't really care for instant playability as a criteria for why I like a library or not. I come from the 90s where you had to manipulate everything for stuff to sound good.

What I want from a library is a human feel/sound.

I think people have misunderstood what I've said. The default patches and instruments should definitely be "playable." But that doesn't mean they fit perfectly with what we want. So tweaking is definitely a must. But at a certain point it can be a draw back if it's required for it to sound "good." Shouldn't the standard patches showcase the sound and playability of the instrument? Yes, tweaks here and there should be used to adapt to your needs, but I don't think you should have to significantly tweak it to make it usable.
I mean, the sound of a fart can sound good if you tweak and manipulate it enough.
You should be able to tell how well the instrument behaves based on the included/default patches.


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I think lack of manual reading is the culprit most of the time (and then mostly newbies whom expected a library to make music for them).
Aren't all libraries plug and play? Sigh, I keep hoping :)

I used to think most of my string libraries sounded synthy. Then I saw some videos on orchestration, especially one by Rick Beato. I realized they sound synthy because I play them like a synth not like strings need to be played to sound like strings. I don't know if manuals cover this. They usually assume you know what you are doing.


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Every developer has libraries that are not what you pay for, no developer is a 'saint' :)

However, most libraries falling into the 'regret' or better, 'not used at all / often' category that I've purchased over the years - sorry to say - are from 8Dio. The samples just doesn't cut it for the bread / butter of film / tv composing, which is what I do most of the time.

What I've realized lately as I am building a new VEPro template is that I only need about 25% of what I have, and even that, will cover me for a few years. So the other 75% of what I've paid for is completely wasted $. How many staccato Flutes does one need :)
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