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Most Disappointing Library Purchase?


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Orchestral String Runs. Not because they're bad, just I thought it would function like an ostinato builder. Guess I didn't do enough research.

For what it does though, it does very well!

Wally Garten

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I have others that do the job far better (stock Kontakt for a start).

8Dio Oboe. Deleted

Yeah -- I didn't love it, either. I'm sure, as somebody above says, that it can be made to sound good, but honestly, that's not where I want to spend my time and life energy. (Especially when I have, e.g., the Hephaestus Sounds oboe, which is also cheap and played well for me right out of the box.) Oh well. I learned how to install the SIPS scripts from Alex and Rob, so that was probably worth $8 right there!

Sublime Wrenchenspiel worth much more than $16. Cost $8.

Agreed -- that thing is pretty cool!


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8Dio Oboe. Deleted
8Dio Emotive Grand Piano. Deleted
$8. Deleted.

Sublime Wrenchenspiel worth much more than $16. Cost $8.

Me. Happy. Thank you 8Dio!
I just bought the Wrenchenspiel based on your post and listening to a few seconds of the sounds. Thanks!

I passed on the oboe because the only reason I would have bought it was the $8 price, which isn't a good enough reason to buy anything, ever.


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Orchestral String Runs. Not because they're bad, just I thought it would function like an ostinato builder. Guess I didn't do enough research.

For what it does though, it does very well!
I was thinking about getting them. I don't need an ostinado builder - I have Sonokinetic's. But the runs builder looked useful.


The most disappointing? .... "would have been" Spitfire - but then..... I didn't purchase. :)
I'm currently very happy (having spent loads of money "sorry sounds like H.Enfield's character" with other libraries over the years).
I am not usually one for knocking anybody in this very challenging industry - but when you experience a big "put down" from a "so called library" after working professionally for many years, it sticks in the craw a wee bit!
I'm very glad I didn't invest. (However, you can spit where you like.....)


Vincit qui se vincit.
I wouldn't say that I've been dissapointed with any library I've bought. Mainly because I know what I need in my template and also do lots of research. However there are certain libraries which I grew out of, if this term makes any sense. Heavyocity beeing one of those libraries. Bought a lot of them, almost never used them. Maybe it's the loops.... Wait, yeah it's the loops...

Oh and there's one other library from Old West - excuse me, I mean East west - which I use only because of ONE patch. No it's not Voices of Passion.
After buying the Joshua Bell Violin, it's easy to regret purchasing previous libraries that feature solo violin. :)

Re: Cinestrings Solo. I actually like the bowed legato of violin 1 more than that of the Bell violin. I find it more playable. Having said that, as a general rule I don't get on with wet libraries very well. There's always something in the choice of how an articulation is handled in a wet environment that doesn't jive with me, being raised on dry sample libraries. :)

Michel Simons

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Probably 8dios Solo voices. Didn't realize how phrase based they were. My fault for not researching well enough. Just hard for me to use in a lot of contexts. Feels like you have to write to than rather than with them.

I can imagine this if phrase based is not your thing (I have to admit that I have moved somewhat away from phrase based myself in recent years), but I actually managed to put most of them to some good uses over the years without feeling that I had to write to them. With the help of some melodyning I managed to fit them in quite a couple of tunes.


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Berlin Brass. I mean, it's not bad but I hoped it was the brass library to end all brass libraries. It isn't. Programming is inconsistent and I seriously don't get why you would sample p, mf and f for horn 1 and pp, mp and f for horn 2 (or something like that). A lot can get better with some decent programming but OT is on to their next products. I have to say I really like their other libraries I have: Ark 1, Time and Berlin Woodwinds.

NYC Composer

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HOW Silver, pre their fix ups and whatever. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, deleted it. I have a LOT of EW products that I love. That one caught me off guard.
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