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Most Disappointing Library Purchase?


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Well, It is definitely my purchase of a choir library from 8Dio. Had massive expectations from demos of it and found flaws after 10 minutes playing it. That followed up by a zero refund/resale/storecredit/discount offer policy made me soo sad. A true feeling of beeing fooled.
The same thing happened when I bought the Adagio bundle on sale for $400, big waste of money. That is the only library that gave me buyers remorse. Fortunately, some of the Sordino patches in Adagietto are useable.

The Darris

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Of the libraries I've purchased, I'd say the one that really sits up there for me was Aria Sound's London Symphony Stings - 1st Violins (Not the solo strings). I honestly don't think they sell this library series anymore as I can't find it on their website. The production quality was not good as the orchestra sounded like it was recorded in a tin can. The programming was extremely shotty, with a horrible GUI design that also had very odd behavior. To adjust the mic levels, the sliders moved up and down but if you clicked on them, you needed to move your mouse side to side to adjust them. Just hilariously awful. The icing on the cake of how bad it was, was the "true glissandi" patch. They tried to program it like you would regular legato libraries but only captured one or two glissandi transitions through the range and the cross-fade in and out of it was just not good. Very clever idea and awesome concept but very lazily designed and implemented.

Now, I really tried to like it. They had, at the time, a lot of articulations not present on the market and I was in the need of filling out my string samples with as many different colors as possible. I remember sending an email to their support highlighting my frustration over the current state of that library in the first few days following it's release and they never responded. Due to that lack of any customer support, I've never purchased from them again. I've heard their newer libraries are better but that whole experience was enough to never want to buy from them again.




I don't even own a DAW, I'm just a troll.
Not a big spender here, but I'd say :

East West StormDrum (a while back, remember NI Intakt ? I never really used it)
Wow, you should check out 1 2 and 3 now with Play. It's so eclectic, one of the best drum libraries I've owned, period.

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Crazy how many 8Dio complaints there are in this thread. I'd say a lot of their libraries/demos/walkthroughs are smoke and mirrors, but they have hit a few home runs.


I don't even own a DAW, I'm just a troll.
+1 Love these libraries.
I was kind of astonished when I saw the negative review there. The Stormdrums are killer toolkits, plenty of inspiration to be had. 3 has some seriously well done world instruments...the scope of the percussion is freaking intense if you ask me. All three are desert island for me, I do like the Ark 1, Evolution stuff too. And Apocalypse Elements can be fun and inspiring as well imo.


Definitely all of the 8DIO strings libs I have bought, Adagietto, Agitato series and Sordino.

The shorts are a joke, timing is all over the place, Samples are poorly trimmed.

Support actually offered me in an online chat a full discount against Ostinato strings but swiftly backtracked to
withdraw that offer.

So 8DIO are 100% on my blacklist right now.


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FWIW, I just want to mention that I have some friends staying over to watch the world cup, all of whom are musicians, and we spent some time jamming in my studio yesterday. Every one of them loved the L&S Grand I mentioned above. When I drew their attention to my problems with it they all thought I was being a bit too anal. The universal agreement was that the core sound was beautiful.
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EW Ministry of Rock 2. Do not like the basses and guitars. The drums are ok but some of the samples are hard clipping so the whole thing is unusable.


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Keepforest Evolution Bundle and Heavyocity Gravity with all packs. For me those are just bunch of effects and loops. There is nothing you can't make with cheaper libraries or synths. Both overpriced and especially Gravity.


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My biggest regret right now is 8Dio Liberis, not because it's an inherently bad library, but because after buying Genesis, Liberis will forever collect dust.
I actually use them side by side, I find Liberis to work really well as "invisible pads" something I can add under for fullness the "mmmmm's" especially. the genisis library's legatos are really good and have taken over that roll for me.


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I'll jump in and say the L&S Concert Grand as well. Issues mentioned elsewhere are the unevenness from note to note and large jumps in timbre across velocity layers. Very weirdly sampled with 5 layers for some notes and 30+ for others. Also the pedaling is messed up, the interface too big, and a few bad buzzy notes that stand out. Completely unusable in any standard composition. Had to go back to my standbys. Beautiful tone fundamentally, but a piano in worn shape and a poor sampling strategy. A real missed opportunity. The developer gave me the same responses as others have mentioned above. So no hope of any fixes.


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I'm starting to have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the Bernard Herrmann library. I REALLY love the general vibe of it, but it's tough to 'marry' that vibe with other things at times, and my current projects aren't a good fit so I don't get to use it as much as I'd like. But there are also some really flat notes in there that can throw a wrench into what I'd like to do... ...but the library sounds so awesome too!


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Heavyocoty Aeon Rhythmic is the answer, nothing but pulsez - electronic, fat and filthy. It's a few years old library, but the sounds are still cutting edge
That is what I've been searching for for 3 years have bought 6 library's and they can't compare to Aeon.Thanks.


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I really had hi hopes on Metropolis Ark 3.. I own Ark 1 and Im really satisfied with that but when I bought Ark 3 after being very impressed of the demos and walkthroughs, I can now say that I really find Ark 3 VERY hard to use. Maybe I have to get into it more but every time I launch it I get disappointed:( At this moment I think it is my most disappointing library purchase. Hopefully I find it useful sometimes in the near future..
Time will tell.
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