Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) Analog Drummer


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I know what your saying. If you have a Mother-32 Guillermo pretty sure you can get midi this over to the DFAM that way, but I will check with Amos.
Yes, i think I read that it connects w the mother 32 for midi if the user needs it.


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Sames to me product not useful at all. luckily i dont need this kind drum sounds my genres...
I like the idea of getting a drum sequence that can later turn into a synth bass sequence line or some sort of hybrid like that.
I’ll have to try first though.
Hi all,
I wish to know if anyone ha combined a DFAM with a moog Grandmother, and if is it difficult to sync them together with a DAW?
I like the sound of DFAM but the lack of midi implementation is a serious brake for purchasing. I know there is a sync via Cv/gate, but nobody explained clearly the way it can be synched. Perhaps it cannot be?
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I don't have a Grandmother, but I use this to integrate my DFAM with Cubase midi tracks:

There's some YT videos about this little box. Works great!
Thanks for this! Looks really cool.
But It's crazy, even on Moog website we can't find an answer to this question. DFAM is supposed to be part of "mother" family, and there is no info about how to sync it with a grandmother, or if we can send midi to it by the grandmother....

Anyway thanks you very much for sharing your method JFB :dancer:


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Patch the clock out of the Grandmother to the clock in of the DFAM and they will play in sync with your sequencer.