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Montreal international film scoring competition


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Here's one of my entries, the shaky playing is deliberate, honest! I pictured an old busker playing an accordion and watching these scenes (between sips of wine)



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Great submissions out there. Let me share the two I made: Jane and Vapeur et Charbon. If any of you find time to watch them, I really appreciate a honest feedback (the more criticism, the better :) )


Tatiana Gordeeva

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Hello fellow composers! Here's my entry for this competition. The subject matter is a bit dark but I managed to have some fun with the music using, among other things, Arturia's Pigments V2 sounds to give a musical personality to the characters. Many other nice entries here! Best of luck to everyone! :thumbsup:



Adding to the entries. - Good Luck to All!


These guys were tough to get a bead on so I have really been enjoying everyone’s scores.
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Hi! I also made an entry for the competititon. I chose Jane as well because of loving the dark vibes. I mostly used Spitfire Albion IV Uist. Good luck to everyone.



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Are they releasing finalists today? It says March 15 on their website, but I know there's been some deadline changes in the past...

Tatiana Gordeeva

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It is still what their web page says currently: today


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I stayed in Paris when I was 20 for 5 month studying piano and ..... Wish I had included studying the language, which is merveilleux. But I think today is the day! :elephant:
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