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Mojo 2


Very impressive! Especially the "West End Blues" demo,
really sounds like an authentic recreation of a vintage horn section.


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Are there no more licks/riffs included? That was my favorite and most used aspect of Mojo Horns.

Any discount for owning the original Mojo Horns?


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This library definitely caught my attention. If I hadn't just spent $700 on a brand new Mackie 8-bus mixer, I would buy this library today. The sampling sounds amazing, the GUI looks to be extremely intuitive, and those era presets (especially the '50s and '30s vintage modes) are pure ear candy.


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will be walkthrough (for every sections) before release?
vintage sounds is great.


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Is there an upgrade option for Mojo 1 Horn Section owners / users? If so I would definitely be very interested.

Btw: Przemyslaw Kopczyk´s demos are awesome again (as always ;) ). This library finally delivers everything that I expected once I purchased Mojo 1 btw.
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Sounds great! Looking forward to some naked demos.

I've been waiting on this release along side Chris Hein Horns upcoming update to NKS compatibility to supplement/replace Session Horns Pro.

Ensemble setting? Hmmm

I hate pre-order pricing on instruments I'm not familiar with!


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I'd just like to echo what many others are saying here about your Famous Horn Lines @Przemek K. - this is really awesome work! I was just getting into that Bond rendition - did you do the full thing? :)
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