Modal 008 patch libraries / forums?


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Not 100% sure this is the right spot to post this - please move if not -

Is anyone aware of any good resources for Modal 008 patches? Any online patch-sharing forums for these, or even patch libraries (free or otherwise)?

I got one today, and while the build quality and sound quality are both right up there, the entire factory preset bank is mediocre, at best. I can hear the great potential in the machine from some of them, but they're anything but inspiring.

Worst case, I may just have to give up part of a weekend and sit with the thing for a while, but I'd love to have some good starting points.

I was expecting to love it and suddenly lose interest in my P12... but the P12's factory sounds are so much more inspiring (not all of them, mind you, but at least some of them), and it's also a lot more user-friendly (with hardware alone... the 008's patch editor software seems pretty useful, though).