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Mixing Classical Orchestral Music

Are there any videos out there where someone is mixing just pure classical orchestra for records or film soundtrack? a nice walkthrough or demo about how to mix, what to use - just like any other production video. Loads and loads of hybrid walkthroughs but nothing on classical music?
Please help.


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There is not much to be found, because in classical music post processing is minimal, or, if possible, non-existent, and as unobtrusive as possible. What shapes the sound are the orchestra and conductor, the recording venue, and the setup by the recording engineer. In some cases there can be a spot mic or two, depending on the piece and the recording venue. This will be added in very carefully for an important solo. And depending on the recording venue and the conductors wishes, there might be a bit of reverb added after the fact. But that's about it. So, the 'mixing' is done by the conductor/orchestra while playing.

Tony Faulkner, for example, is a well known recording engineer for classical music. If you google him you can find some interviews where he talks about his process, and the gear he uses. Googling recording engineers for classical music, rather than mixing, should bring up some interesting info.
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