Mix Suggestions for my Piece Hollywood Fanfare


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Hi everyone,

I've been following these forums for a few years now, and have learned some really great stuff from all the generous contributions that the community has provided. But I've reached a point where what I really need is some direct feedback from people who are much more experienced than myself.

Long story short, I've spent the last three years working in fast food and teaching myself how to compose, orchestrate, sequence, etc. without any kind of guidance. I've very much been in the dark about a lot of things, especially the technical aspects such as mixing. I've reached a point where I feel my musical abilities are good enough to start looking for work, but I'm afraid my work might not be taken seriously for lack of proper audio engineering and overall production quality.

So I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions, feedback, or really anything to help get my mixes sounding at the very least "good enough" to be used in professional productions, so I can finally start putting my stuff out there and looking for work.

In this piece I'm mostly using Steinberg Iconica Sections and Players, though I'm using the East West Hollywood series for trumpets, horns, and cymbals, along with the Orange Tree Samples Angelic Harp. I've placed all Iconica instruments front to back with mic positions and have added no additional reverb, and I've used Waves IR-1 with the Todd AO impulse response on all the other instruments to help them sit better with the Iconica samples.

In addition I've done a bit of eq'ing to brighten up some instruments and remove some mud, along with high-pass filtering the non-bass instruments. I've also panned the strings a bit, and the harp 90% left.

And that's about it. No compression, limiting, saturation, anything like that.

So my main questions are:

1. How close to production ready is my current mix? I know that mastering needs to be done to get the volume to a normal level, but other than that, what specifically is keeping it from sounding "professional"?

2. What general eq moves need to be made to get things sounding clearer and more distinct from each other?

3. Do I need to add reverb to the Iconica samples, and if so, how should I apply it so that it fits and sounds better overall but doesn't add unnecessary wetness?

4. How do I get the overall piece to sound nice and wide like commercial productions?

And finally, if I've done anything glaringly wrong with my mix or mockup, feel free to let me know. Any and all criticism is welcome with open arms. I'm determined to get my mixes sounding production ready, and I'll take all the help and feedback I can get!