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Loïc D

Monkeying with libraries
Hi guys,

Here's a new tune that took me some efforts to achieve and is a first try with my updated template.
The inspiration is quite obvious.
Any advice on writing, arranging, mixing, mastering, etc. will be rewarded with Bertie Bott's beans.

It's nothing ambitious or serious or revolutionnary, I just hope you enjoy it.
BTW, I'm hobbyist and write music in my (sparse) spare time.

Now for the geeks among us :

Written, arranged, mixed in Logic Pro X 10.4.
Effects : Fabfilter Pro Q3 / Fabfilter Pro R2 / Izotope Ozone 8 (basic)
Libraries :
- Strings : SA Chamber Strings, SA Albion One, OT Time Macro, OT Inspire 1
- WW : SA Studio WW Pro
- Brass : SA Studio Brass Pro, Organic Sample Majestic Horns
- Percs : ISW Rhapsody, OT Inspire 1
- Melodic percs & Harps : SA Labs (old & new), OT Inspire 1, OT Time Macro, Kontakt library, etc.
- Choirs : OT Time Macro, SA Labs, 8dio Liberis

Voilà, on your brooms, go for comments !
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