Mihkel Zilmer - Cinematic Music Production Tips

Rob Elliott

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Hi Rob,

I'm on Nuendo these days, so haven't checked Cubase 10.5;
But yes, that makes sense - if they only support stereo for video export, make a new buss for a stereo downmix. The included Mix6to2 plugin is easy to set up for a quick stereo downmix.
Yep - that worked well. Thanks Mihkel. Love the MB tool on strg shorts and perc.

Rob Elliott

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Mihkel - the MB solution to shorts drench in too much room is brilliant. It has allowed me to NOW use libraries and never tend to grab (because to the over abundance or 'room' in the shorts.) Thanks again.

Regarding the sidechain / stems production tip. On some projects I wish I could add some 'mastering' plugs to my stems sent out. Of course there are limits to this as CPU is what it is. Any suggestions on adding 1-3 mastering plugs but have their 'affect' play on the individual stems. Where possible (CPU headroom) - would it be to just add to those stem busses - underneath the limiter - or BEFORE in the signal chain on that buss?

Thanks again for posting these VERY useful tips - we can all use day to day.


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About to watch these, and I straight away notice "EQing reverb". Always happy to see this, it's still not done enough, and a super useful (dare I say essential) technique in mixing


Great videos. I like how they are quick and easy to understand.

You could probably do more videos about reverb, such as blending it correctly with the samples, especially the low end since that can get very messy very quicky.
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