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Migrating main hard drive to new hard drive - advice?


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I'm looking to replace the main hard drive on my Mac desktop with a larger drive and perhaps one that's an SSD instead of SATA. I have three other internal drives on this machine, drives which I use for sample libraries, video etc. But my applications and OS are on the main drive which is 250 GB and eight years old now.

What I'd like to do is migrate everything to a new drive without having to reauthorize the many music software programs and plugins. So I'm wondering if anyone has done this, and has any advice in that regard. My specs are below. Thanks!

OS 10.7
main hard drive: 250 GB SATA
three other hard drives: 1 TB, 1TB, and 2 TB
MacIntel 2 x 2.66 dual core Intel Xeon
DP 9


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The way to do this is by cloning your old to a new drive.

Now...I only have experience with this in Windows, but there I use a cloning program (in my case Macrium Reflect, but there are many) to clone the disk to the target disk. You'll have to attach the new drive via SATA to your system for this.
I then end up with an exact clone on the new larger drive, including all authorisations and registry intact. I can then extend the partition to also use the additional unallocated space the new, larger drive offers.

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I have a similar problem: I have a 128gb SSD C drive for the operating system (Windows 10) and a 250gb D drive for programs and a 2tb data drive. I have Acronis True Image and was questioning if it works well for complete cloning of the C drive to a larger SSD. Has anyone had any experience doing the cloning?


Me also with Windows experience only but every new drive that I have bought comes with software to transfer from one drive to another, including the system drive. It used to be floppies but now I think you just go to the manufacturer's site and download the software to make a CD or a thumb drive to boot from and do the transfer. It will verify that the new disk is one of theirs and will not work if it is not. I have done it that way before but I also and mostly use an image made by Macrium or Norton Ghost. You can look here to find cloning software for Mac. http://www.macworld.com/article/246...st-mac-apps-for-making-a-bootable-backup.html


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Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts. Evilantal, your suggestion is what I hope this will be -- clone the drive and all the registrations / authorizations stay intact. I'm going to have a computer service do this for me, even though theoretically I could do this myself. I'd rather hand this over to an expert. In any case, the guy at the service told me that even with cloning, there's a risk that some authorizations may not take, but if I'm on OS 10.7 I actually have a better chance of everything working than if I were on a newer OS. Anyway, I'll try to post a follow up to this thread once everything is done.
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