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Midi Programming Question : Articulations, Start, Stop and Combined


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A noob question but I haven't been able to find the answer.

Problem: I want to program a Stream Deck to switch articulations, mostly using Spitfire. Easy and Done. But what if I want to, in essence, hold two switches/keys down at the same time? Technically, how does Midi work in that situtation? Say I send a Long signal to play a long note and at the same time add some other dynamic like forte or something at the same time. I am assuming another signal is sent down the pipe.

Question: Are these two signals continuous and the articulation and dynamic will stop when their signal stops or is there some sort of associated stop signal sent?

Goal: I want to be able to set up a multi-action switch for each (start/stop) on a single button and I'm trying to figure out how to do it so I can have more than one button 'on' at the same time. I am assuming for you Stream Deck mavens that a multi-switch is the best way as opposed to a hot key since I want to have more than one button 'on'.

Any tips. links, suggestions greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
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