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Microsoft Surface Studio 2 for music production?


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Anyone thought about it (or tried it)? Any suggestions?

I'd have a hard time parting ways with Apple, but I also do digital art (currently on an iPad Pro), and love the idea of being able to physically interact with my software instruments, mixers, fx, etc.

I'm a long time Apple user; I had a very brief experience with a 2nd gen Surface Book, and as predicted, having the touch-screen for this was amazing! But about the time I had more than a few instances of Diva running at a time with other stacked plugins, it got burning hot, and would overheat, shut down, and even destroy memory. I brought it back, thinking it was defective. They (Microsoft) replaced it for free, and within a week of having the new one, same issue.

After that, I swore I'd never move away from Apple again. I never had issues with processing power in my old 2012 and 2015 MacBook Pros, and my current 2018 (what I brought the Surface Book back and exchanged for) has been a dream (as expected).

The Surface Studio 2 on paper has more than 2x as much processing power, and 2x the RAM, and a giant touch screen. It seems like it has the potential to do better than my previous experience.

It sounds so enticing!
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