Microphone Recommendations (for Vocal Recordings)


Last month, after studying various static microphones for the voice and also for the instruments for a long time, I bought Audio Technica AT 2035.
I am really pleasantly surprised by its quality. No background noise, good sensitivity, fréquency curve, no noticeable bump, and good manufacturing quality.
It comes with a very correct suspension, all for a reasonable price of 140 euros. I hesitated with a Rode NT1, and finally I decided on this Audio Technica.
It is an ideal companion with my faithful Shure sm 57.
In your case this may be an option, but this is only my opinion.

Paul Grymaud

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The Big one, available on special order (and delivery...) only


Or the indispensable standard one (unfortunately You have to record on the spot)

micro 2.jpg


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You should factor in the timber of your voice. A bright mic can be a good match if your voice is deep or has a lot of low mids. If your voice is high middy and thin in the top, a better match might be a flatter mic or a dynamic.

Also how is your preamp situation? Do you plug directly into the preamps in your soundcard or do you have an eksternal mic pre? If you have a mic pre already, you could be fine with an sm57 or 58. If you dont, you might want a condenser.

A solid flat mic that wont break the bank for the demo work you describe, might be the Rode M3. It can be battery powered as well, and sound well rounded and pretty flat. A killer mic for the money.