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We're ChannelRobot, we are a small UK based company that produces Kontakt Virtual instruments. You may have seen us/me around in the Kontakt Scripting area of the forum, or you may have seen our work for people like Drum Drops. Channel Robot has a large number of releases planned for the next 12 months and we are looking for a media producer to help us deliver these successfully.

The activities we envisage are:

1. Producing audio demo tracks that feature a specific instrument. We'd be asking for at least 3 tracks each usually be 1-2 mins in length and you'd be free to develop them in any way you wanted, though some products are aimed at specific genres like DubStep or House or Drums And Bass. But if its not a genere specific thing then the skys the limit - go knock us out.

2. A set of 10 or more presets - Where a product has a preset facility built in or where saving it as a snapshot makes sense we'd be looking for 10 or more presets/snapshots demonstrating the capabilities of the product.

3. 1 or more short(2-3 min) video walkthru/tutorials that explain and demonstrate the product in question.

So you are going to need:
- Your own DAW
- Kontakt 5+
- a decent microphone(to record your commentry)
- Some screen capture software (we use open-source stuff so we can point you at that if you dont have anything)

What do you get for all this effort?
Well the bad news is that this sort of activity isn't likely to become your day job unless you do a lot of these, but as I say we are have a very ambitious release schedule, so who knows?

For each product that you contribute to:
You will get 5% of retail sales (paid quarterly - so getting a paypal account will be handy)
You'll get a name check in the manual and in the product
You get a free copy of the product itself (pretty obvious that one)
You get a free copy of one other of our products as they become available or from the back-catalogue
You get to put a paying-gig on your CV/Resume
You get to pitch your sounds for inclusion in future products (where the percentage of reveue is considerably higher)

Oh and you get to keep the intellectual property (copyright) to all your work, you just give us a perpetual license to use it on our site and to promote/sell the product. So you can re-use your work elsewhere as you wish.

You don't need any formal(or informal) experience, we're open to seasoned old hands and to new-comers. All you need do is get in contact with us using the contact form at www.channelrobot.com, (or PM me here) and have a couple of demos (at least audio but video would be good too) that we can review.

Good Luck


Lindon Mulcahy-Parker
Founder ChannelRobot
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