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I'm working on several tracks and getting slowly to the point where I will start the mixing and mastering processes.

I've been putting some mixing and mastering plugins in my future purchases list during the last months and I already own the elements version of iZotope's Ozone 8 and Neutron 2.

But now I've seen Melda is offering this plugin MAutoDynamicEQ for around 30$ this week and wondering if it's worth the money and disc space or if I should rather save that money to get the advanced version of iZotope O8N2 at a later point.

I'm trying not to fill up my PC with too many plugins as I rather like to have a good overview of what I own and preferably specialize in fewer plugins rather than having basic knowledge of many of them. But this one looks pretty powerful for the money, so I wonder if purchasing this one would be good enough to avoid purchasing at least one of the iZotope plugins at a later point.

What do you think? Have you had any experiences with this plugin?

Beat Kaufmann

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Recently, there are more and more providers offering Dynamic EQs. Many of these plug-ins even have an automatic function. They observe the audio material for a short time and then propose several EQ points. That looks nice when a few filters "fidget" over the entire frequency range ...

First I liked this new type of EQ as well and used it everywhere.
But I soon realized that the mixes were characterless and somehow dead after the use of those EQs because everything was just "flat".
Today, I only use Dynamic EQs in a very targeted way. For example, if a singer begins to sound shrill with high notes, or when with a drum kit one of the three toms simultaneously produces a resonant frequency ...
The job of a dynamic EQ - in my opinion - is to dampen such resonances that do not always resonate. Therefore I iften use only one dynamic filter per audio channel ... or none at all of coarse ;)

If you've already used such Dyn-EQs in individual audio channels, I would not use Dyn-EQs again when mastering. And if so, then again very purposefully... At least not as OZONE suggests with a measurement over 10 seconds.
The dynamic EQ of OZONE sounds very neutral, you can set Attack and Release ... I do not know why you still have to buy MAutoDynamicEQ. ... Certainly not because of the "AUTO".

All the best
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iZotope Ozone has a way that encourages you to go 100% "in house" and just stay within their tools. It's well designed that way. Good tools, though, so it's not a bad thing. But it should be a choice you make willingly. They are a formidable package, especially when purchased on a sale. In the end, I chose to go with an assortment rather than all-in-one. Ozone may not have the best individual tools (though still excellent), but it matters more that whatever tools you use allow you to easily get your work done - and they are good at that!

I bought Gullfoss - it's sort of a dynamic EQ, more for the master bus (but can be used well elsewhere). It also takes the place, in part, of some Ozone tools.
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