Massive X is Out!


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Well it looks cool. The factory library is a bit lacking to my taste, maybe I'm spoiled. Some stuff sounds really good.

Other than that I have no idea what's going on, looks like a pretty complicated synth compared to others that I use.


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Well, it is downloading. I don't think I ever used regular Massive. So this should be interesting.

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Choose the stellar drift preset and than do this: press P1, a symbol with 9 squares will appear, click on it and an other window open. Than you set remote in Launch and than c0-c1(you can choose wich octave controls remote) is part 1, 2, 3, 4 till 12(at the bottom of the gui), every semi-tone is a part.

It's complete crazy :)


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Great with a Komplete Kontrol keyboard.

For me the presets are just jumping off places. This is a lot of fun to mess with, and often the best thing is to just arbitrarily change the oscillators.

First impressions:
Second page of KK knobs is 8 macros. They are listed at the top as 9-16 and can be dragged into the interface to modulate all the knobs and sliders I've tried.

If you're familiar with the way modulation was done in the original Massive this will be easy to do.

The 2 Noise Generators are amazing. You can select anything from a stream to a Grizzly (paw print graphic) to add to your sounds. This will be great for sound design, but it can actually be quite musical. Anyway it's fun.

The line in the middle with the colored P1, P2, P3, E1, E2, E3, etc opens up a lot of goodies like envelopes and LFOs ready to be modulated with all the knobs, Modwheel, pitch bend and aftertouch (select from menu above and drag)

Check out the patch Almost Throat and select the Scat 1, Scat 2, etc at the bottom. Click P1 to see what's going on.
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Finally! Will download tomorrow.
A little weird for me though as I just tried out the original Massive 1 week ago for the first time. I wasn't born in the synth field!


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My first impression is "I don't get it". Where did the browser with the tons of presets filtered by keyword tags go? The preset library seems tiny in comparison to a bunch of other synths that I have. Is this one more geared towards people wo make their own presets?


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Tags are there when you use it in KK. I'm assuming MX will get its own tagged browser eventually in an update, but don't quote me on that. I just have a hunch.


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Houston, we have a problem...

My CPU won't support Massive X. Finally time to upgrade, it seems. I have been holding off for a very long time, to be fair.


Pretty crazy they don't have the manual out at launch? I also hope they update it with more feedback with animations or lights etc. So much is going on,, feedback is essential!
But damn, I can see this becoming the next standard along with omnisphere


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i got the avx issue. mac pro 5,1 wont work i guess.

not sure why a plugin would need avx specific processing.... its just a synth and u-he stuff seems to be getting along w non avx processing as well as a ton of other more than better than massive x prodcuts.... then again... im bitter for the avx thing


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AVX compatibility. This is very disappointing for me since I recently upgraded to Komplete 12 much in part to use Massive X, only now to discover it won't work on my PC. Wish I would have known this before purchasing.


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where's my sweet swet Init patch?
In Quickstart category.

not sure why a plugin would need avx specific processing...
Because it makes more calculations done for the same CPU clock tick. Basically lowers CPU usage while doing heavier lifting.

Wish I would have known this before purchasing.
AVX requirement was known ever since Komplete 12 announcement, so more than half a year now.


That post links to K12 specs page where it's being mentioned, and post is dated November 8th, 2018.