Massive Biomorph by Synthmorph


Blaise I.
Hi Everyone,

the Massive Biomorph Synthmorph pack is not "just another Massive soundset", but the result of a longer research in morphing sound design. Each preset in the pack allows you to morph between different sonic snapshots by animating 30-40 parameters simultaneously with the turn of the modwheel.

This unusual sound transition provides dynamic live playing, while keeping the sound in the 'usable musical sound' domain, due to careful programming. This implementation of 'morphing of all active parameters' is first in the market and exclusive to Massive Biomorph currently.

You'll find chaotic basslines, smooth and dreamy arpeggios, organic keys, tricky atmospheric pads driven by network of modulators – but the main point is: each preset comes with its own multifaceted personality.

The presets are great for hybrid electronic scoring, game music, commercials or smooth stratospheric electronica. A must have for the modern film, game and broadcast composers or any musician who want previously unheard, smooth and expressive morphing sound easily out of Massive.

The additional 20 Synthmorph MIDI sequences are also part of the package to showcase the further morphing capabilities of the Massive patches, always producing ear-pleasing soundscapes for several moods. Fast forward the video to 10:53 to listen to the Synthmorph sequences.

Content Details:
• 50 morphing Massive presets in *.nmsv format
• all presets are categorized, tagged and commented
• Categories: 6 Bass, 5 Lead, 11 Pad, 17 Pluck, 8 Key, 5 FX
• 20 Synthmorph sequences in MIDI and WAV
• Detailed PDF manual with installation and usage tips
• Requires Native Instruments Massive 1.5.1 or later

Massive Biomorph is really affordable: $19 / £15 / €16 (+ VAT in EU)


Big NKS Fan !
Massive fan and this is impressive so far !! Earlydays after just loading, but sounds 'lovely' .....:inlove:


Big NKS Fan !
Cooooll !! A bit more time now and trying some of their MIDI Sequences in Reaper. Very pleased and impressed now, yet hoping some very 'capable' Massive masters will jump in and then offer some comment. This is very different from anything so far and likely take me far more time to get a true sense of what Massive Biomorph can ultimately produce. May best usd 20 spent in some time ! :thumbsup: :cool:


Just watched the video and I'm quite impressed. Gonna grab it in the next few days and have a play around with it.


Blaise I.
A slightly improved version with some minor changes and a video tutorial is available.
All customer should have got a reminder by now to download it again.