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Marimba Libraries - recommendations!

Hi All,

Best marimba libraries in term of realism.

I think the SA Marimba SWARM is too "hybrid"

I just a need a good solid Marimba - good enough for final mixes.



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I have recently bought NI's Mallet Flux for their cinematic mallet textures, but I was surprised that they have awesome sounding single instruments in there, eg a lovely marimba. Not sounding symphonic, but crystal clear and beautiful!

R. Soul

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I've got the Orange tree samples one, but find it doesn't really mix well in my tracks.

From listening to demos, my favourite is the Spitfire one, but I haven't tried it.

At the moment, as it's 50% off and comes with Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Tubular Bells, Glass Marimba, Song Bells, Vibraphone, and Crotales as well for just £80, I think Vital series: mallets from Vir2 is worth considering.

Just checked out Mallet Flux....wow that thing is awesome. It's just increasingly difficult to purchase a full price product now when everything else is on sale. :sad:
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Yes the Soniccouture Grand Marimba is great. Very full and rich. But the Spitfire Ricotti marimba offers a worthy alternative depending on the type of track I'm using it in. There's a more pointed, percussive sound to it. And the tremolo I find more useful. My recommendation is to get both if you can swing it.
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