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Mallet Flux | Demo


Sock Muppet
I love it, I'm using it all over the place. It sounds great and I really appreciate your attention to odd-time meters as well.

I do think you may have hurt your sales significantly by requiring Kontakt 6. Unfortunately I dumbly didn't even think to check the requirements so it ended up costing me another $99 on top of the price to upgrade. Just a word of warning to others...


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I love the idea of this library - @chillbot : doesn't it use Kontakt Player - or am I missing something really obvious? I think the main thing which might affect sales is 'no introductory discount' to get us onboard - hence no urgency to pick it up immediately.


Sock Muppet
Yeah, oddly, I don't know many people using the Kontakt Player. Almost literally everyone I know is on some version of Kontakt 5.


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Personally, unless there is some earthshaking upgrade to Kontakt, I almost always wait until the summer for the 50% off sale to upgrade NI products.


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Nice stuff...great sound...just what I'm looking for.

Quick question (for anyone): I have Kontakt 5 and I don't think I'm upgrading to 6...is there anything I should know about downloading the free player 6? Will it interact in any way with Kontakt 5?


Thorsten Meyer

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I got the issue that installing Kontakt 6 player when I received a template from someone who was still on Kontakt five the „Kontakt“ Instrument was per default Version 6. That can cause issues when you have the full Kontakt 5 version and only the Kontakt 6 player


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Wow, what a fantastic sound - I rarely hear mallets sounding like this: crystal clear and with this kind of magic touch.

Thanks for the Tutorial, it helped me a lot realizing how much I can alter these presets with the engine. I'm just playing around with only one preset for about 2 hours now and I have created something completely new, with smoothly changing rhythms when I move the mod wheel up and down - it is a whole little world in there.

Really a great step forward, very smart and helpful:).
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