Male shouts - are they cliche?

Taj Mikel

Hi, all,

I recently started work on a piece making use of the male rises and shouts patch in Oceania. I received feedback from a few friends that male shouts were worn out and cliche and should be avoided at all costs.

Honestly, only one song comes to mind when I think of male shouts and that’s the Skyrim theme.

So what do you think? Are male shouts old, worn out, lame and cliche? Can you think of any examples of their use other than Skyrim? I’d love to hear them.

Thanks, all! :)


Relatively recently, Ennio Morricone used male shouts in this exquisite track from Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight".
Personally I think they can still work wonderfully if used sparingly, and of course if you can justify it in a piece.
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In general if you use the same effects in the same way and the same context for which they've been used over and over, it's going to come across as hackneyed and boring.

Avoiding that is no easy trick of course; it also depends on how tongue-in-cheek the project is. For comedy, using cliché is part of the joke. For a drama it can be pretty tough.


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I'd argue they are less cliche than braaams, risers, epic drums and ostinato strings are in trailer tracks... It all rather depends how and where you use them


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It all depends on the context. That WoW example is a very typical example of cliche use of it imo (but it still works)



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probably a bit tired at the moment but give them a rest for twenty or thirty years and they'll be back good as new