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Making trailer hits from my washer and dryer.


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Hey guys,

Here's a beginner-oriented tutorial on how I approach sound design. I will probably look at this video in on month and think I should have done this differently, but hopefully, you'll learn a thing or two :)

Also, still debating if should talk or just keep it sound only like this old video.


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Aaron Sapp

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Awesome - this format is so wonderfully concise. No need to see you fiddling and farting around with every plugin.

If you wanna up the entertainment value, maybe just video record yourself capturing the source material. :cool:


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This is great! Perfect. Only sound and no talk is soooo 2008... 😊 If anything I'd love more insight in to what you're listening for when you're processing the sounds in more detail.

Will more of these walkthroughs be coming to your course on evenant as well?

Always fun and inspiring to watch you work.


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Talk or no talk does not matter in my opinion. What's important is no flooding and pro-sound-designing info only. It is a perfect tutorial. I remember the times about 10 years ago maybe when we didn't have a lot of such unique and useful information for beginners. Seems like nowadays it's much simpler to learn the craft.


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I prefer a tutorial video with talkings, this way i think you can grab more info. Futhermore you install more connection with the audience.
It's a great video, but if you want my humble opinion, you should more detailled how you recorded the sound. The rest is very clear :2thumbs:

Thanks for this Karel.


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I loved both formats! Because both are straight to the point. The talky one is more entertaining, FWIW IMHO.

I'll try it myself :D

And if I may, it's Haas effect, not Hass, after acoustician Helmut Haas :) And sometimes, just sometimes, I try to compensate for the precedence effect, that makes it seem like the sound comes from whichever side hits first, by adjusting the pan afterwards. It sounds more centered to me that way, although it is not showing on the VU meters :)

Keep it up, and I subbed!
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