Making the Music: Doctor Who, Narcos etc

- and here's a twitter thread with some extra bits that didn't make it into the video, including a snippet of my version of the theme.
I've had some really nice comments about the soundtrack (which is releasing in full soon) so as a thank you I've uploaded my version of the DW theme. We used the TV version for continuity and licensing reasons, but having been a fan of Doctor Who since I was 3 it would be INSANE not to give it a go when I had the opportunity...



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People seemed to like the video I did a while back going into the process of writing music for the Sealife Centre, so here's one on Doctor Who. How I found an 'in' to the style of the music, how I treated different areas, interactive music, and themes, themes, themes!

thanks for sharing this. very generous to share your process. and of course, absolutely fantastic job of dovetailing with the whole Dr Who "thang" while maintaining your own voice.
Glad you enjoyed it! People seem to be digging the theme too, which is nice.

I've got some other stuff coming out over the next few months (one tomorrow!) so I might use this thread as a catch-all thing for my behind-the-scenes music vids & chat...


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Congratz! Excellent work! Very inspiring and wonderful to watch too! Thanks for sharing this story.
Its always interesting to see how people approach different ideas and develop them.
Good luck with future projects!

Thanks! Very kind :)

Having edited the thread title to be more general, here's a video on the score for Narcos: Rise of the Cartels (out today!)

And here's the soundtrack: