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Macbook Pro late 2011 vs new Macbook Pro: noticeable improvement?


I have some money available now to invest in a new computer, and as my macbook pro is more than 5 years old, I was thinking of getting a newer faster one. It's a late 2011 with 16gb ram, an ssd, 2.6 i7 dual core. Was wondering how much of an improvement the new macbook pro (the quad core version) would be over the one I have now. I was thinking of possibly investing in a PC slave instead, as I could afford to put some more ram in it and save a good amount of $. But portability is pretty important to me at the moment, and I'm a logic user, so i'd ultimately need a laptop that is a mac if I wanted to compose away from home. I was thinking I could always keep the old laptop and use that as a slave for the newer one when mobile to access 32gb ram. Given these circumstances, do you have any suggestions on which route to go? Would the new macbook pro be significantly faster than the one I have now? I saw that it has the 6th generation intel processor, and also takes DDR4 2111mz ram or something along those lines. Do those things make a big difference?

Thanks a lot in advance.
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