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MacBook Pro 2016+ plus 1 external monitor


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Who over here produces music (preferably orchestral, or with a decent amount of tracks and plugins), has a second monitor, and still work on a MacBook Pro 2016 or later decently without any issues?

I'm not sure whether to get a Mac mini or the new MacBook Pro. I would like to have 1 computer (for office and studio work), but if I have to get a maxed out mini at some point, then be it. hehe.

Oh, I already have a slave PC to do the dirty laundry when it comes to firing up orchestral libraries, but I do run a fair share of CPU-hungry plugins (VSTs/AUs).

Thanks for the help.


It really comes down which MBP 2016 you mean.

15" has 4 cores
13" has 2 cores

The single core performance doesn't count that much anymore, since DAWs supports multicore features.
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