Mac Processor Upgrade or Slave Computer?

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    Hi Guys,

    In short I got a new computer and the difference is not much. What should I do?

    Get a slave computer?
    Get a processor upgrade to a 3.0Ghz 10-Core?
    Also any preferred method to test plugin load?

    Was on a:
    -MacbookPro 2.5Ghz, Quad-Core, 16GB Ram, SSDs(internal, and External for samples)
    -Cubase 10.0.15
    -Kontakt (latest version of 5)

    Got a:
    -Mac Pro 3.5Ghz, 6-Core, 64GB Ram, Upgraded internal SSD to 1TB OWC(to take advantage of APFS files system)
    -Cubase 10.0.15
    -Kontakt (latest version of 5)

    Cubase on both is using multiprocessing in 32-bit mode with ASIO Guard on High. Kontakt Multi Core is Disabled.

    Render Time for a 5:30 minute large project lots of reverbs:
    Old Macbook Pro: 6:44
    New Mac Pro: 6:05

    CPU Load appears nearly identical based on the DAW meter:
    (Is there a more accurate way to measure this?)

    Video Rendering was the biggest difference:
    Old Macbook Pro: 2:37
    New Mac Pro: 1:11


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