LPX and Addictive Drums...solved


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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to get multi output leading to separate audio tracks going with Addictive Drums (AD) and LPX - it seems like this has never worked quite correctly, and now it still doesn't seem to.

First, my rig:
LPX 10.3.3
OSX 10.12.6 running on a Vader
Antelope Audio Zentour using TB

I'm running latest updates of AD, the Zentour, and LPX of course.

OK, I have AD set up as a multi out instrument and have created the aux channels for each with the little '+' sign in the mixer. I have the outputs for each drum in the plugin itself to be separate (in this case post fader, but I tried it pre fader too). I also have tried having the instrument/midi channel set to both 'no output' (normal for this kind of set up) and 'Stereo Output' - no difference.

Supposedly, I should be able to bounce my midi down to separate audio tracks by using the bounce command and checking 'Include Instrument Multi Outputs' AND a sub check box beneath that one which says 'as additional tracks'. But no matter what I've tried, that sub checkbox never shows up - only the 'Include Instrument Multi outputs' one.

Obviously AD is set up as a multi-out or I couldn't add the aux tracks. Any guesses what's up with this? There is also no simple and obvious way to just route audio from the auxes to individual audio tracks.

Anybody know what's up with this? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: BTW, I tried this with several other instrument plugs (including Apple's own 'Drum Kit Designer') and it doesn't seem to work with any of them.

SOLUTION: OK, this is achieved by bouncing TRACK (not region) in place. command+control B
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