Loving These Performance Samples Freebies

Kyle Preston

I accidentally do things on purpose
After watching Mike Verta's Template Balancing class, I was convinced to finally set up my own proper orchestral template. I've been reluctant to do so for a number of reasons but time is short and I'm not getting younger. After playing around with the Active-Bow Tech Demo and River Harp from PS, I absolutely love the ideas behind them and how they feel. As libraries, they're just instantly inspiring. One of the things I did not expect setting up my own template was discovering just how much room for improvement I have in my mixing chops. I've got a long way to go there and this piece certainly displays that I'm sure.

Anyway, I decided to throw everything I have at my Laptop to see where its breaking point is. And I found it, violently, with this piece.

(Driest Mic Position For All Samples)
8dio Agitato Strings
Performance Samples Active-Bow Tech & River Harp
Cinesamples Solo Strings
Strezov Macabre
SF Tundra
8dio Insolidus
Cinesamples VOXOS
SF Ólafur Arnalds Evolutions
Cinesamples Flute (<-- amazing instrument)
Cinesamples Solo Horn
2 of my own custom libraries
ESX24 sine wave
SF Soft Piano

QL Spaces Hamburg & Northwest Orchestral Hall (<-- pretty sure it's Benaroya)